Mastering Product Management

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As I outlined earlier this blog will cover a lot of learning that I'm going through as we speak (or read). While this may be very useless for some of you I am doing this with a sole purpose of remembering stuff better and having a place to go to in order to remind myself of the topic.

Since I've decided to start learning Product Management, I've found 3 things to start with:

  • Find a mentor
  • Study online (Product Management and Computer Science)
  • Read books


I've managed to find a guy who is currently a PM in an educational tech company and who's willing to try teaching people, so I decided why not give it a try. We kick-started this week and so far it feels great. As the program is not publicly available, I will try to share the findings and links to read more.


This is one of the best resources for PM-related knowledge that I've been able to find so far. It's a simple simulation of a PM's work at a startup, interactive, insightful and plainly cool.

I'll share stuff that I find useful here with some links. Here's an example of this week's topic 'Jobs to be done' and a great article explaining it.


This is much more complicated than I thought, as I've discovered there are tons of books on Product Management (and other topics I like: psychology, storytelling, etc.)

I'll introduce a section on books with my top learning – you can find them by the hashtag (when I do the first review, of course).

Stay tuned for more stuff to come – I'm kicking this off and will see how it goes.