Vlog – Episode 01: kicking this Product Management thing off

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As I said there will be several ways you can 'consume' the information from me – one of which is video diary or vlog which I will try to record on a weekly basis. The idea here is to summarize the learnings from the previous weeks, share them with you and organize them in my head this way.

I believe you can learn more by (1) repeating what you've learned and (2) teaching others. I am not trying to teach you anything and I will actually try to avoid guiding you somewhere with explanations and will rather share useful links for you to read about concepts I happened to learn. Nevertheless some of you might find it useful to listen to my learnings on the go – maybe you will hear something you haven't heard of before and will find the links to articles or books useful afterwards. At least that's my thinking of an ideal world scenario.